How to Manage a Family Trust

Congratulations — and my sympathies. If you are reading this, then you have probably just been appointed as a trustee. You may have asked for this position, been talked into it, or just fallen into it because nobody else wanted the job. Regardless, you are now responsible for the fortunes of people who are related to each another and have your phone number on speed-dial.

Creating Products in WooCommerce, Step by Step

You’ve just been handed a thankless job, listing a gazillion items for sale in your company’s WordPress shopping cart. Maybe I can help — following is a workflow that I put together some time back for my own purposes, managing the product catalog of a small aerospace manufacturer with whom I consult on marketing issues.

How to use MakeClothes from Makehuman in Blender

Read this step-by-step tutorial to create mesh clothing for your 3D animation character model in Blender, using the free Makeclothes app from MakeHuman.