Pedestrian Safety: Distracted Walking, Train Hazards

Don’t let distracted walking send you to the hospital. Cell phone, intersections — and especially train tracks — create a deadly mixture of situational awareness loss and fast-moving hazards. Pedestrians […]

Unsafe Household Habits that Put Your Home at Risk

Don’t let your famous last words be “but I’ve always done it this way!” We all want a safe and comfortable home life. But with busy schedules and established routines, […]

Halloween, Autumn Hazards: Child Asthma, Leaf Piles

Let’s enjoy a safe Fall season. Protect your asthmatic child while they have some Halloween fun, and keep everyone safe from hidden dangers while raking autumn leaves.

Driving: How to Survive a Brake Failure or Rollover

Losing control over your automobile doesn’t have to be a moment of panic. Whether your brakes fail our your car flips over, have an action plan ready.

How to Protect Your Cash While Traveling Overseas

One day in Cape Town, South Africa, travel expert and author Bailey Richert was robbed at an ATM machine. “I was surrounded by several men, who took my debit cards […]

How to Erect a Tent Safely

Don’t let a falling tree branch ruin your vacation. Whether you’re camping in the woods or participating in a festival, set up your tent with safety in mind. Everything from […]

Critical Strategies to Protect Yourself From Debt

“Debt.” In today’s credit-crazy economy, this simple one-syllable word can take us on an emotional roller coaster that ranges from the highs of “easy money” to the lows of “hard […]

Should I Continue to Work After I Retire?

Even without a fat nest egg at your disposal, you can still get ready for your Golden Years. How should you approach the question of post-retirement income and employment?

Don’t Burn Your House Down: Bonfires, Chimneys, Heaters

Our previous articles on basement and Christmas tree safety look at two unique causes of accidental home fires. Today, let’s look at three additional ways that you can protect yourself […]

How to Buy a Car and Not Get Ripped Off Financially

Tired of walking onto an auto dealer’s lot, full of excitement over buying your next cool set of wheels, only to end up feeling more like a duck swimming in […]

Testing and Improving Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

Worried about your respiratory health? Planning to order some popular products designed to make the air in your home more breathable? Do your research first. Not every air quality product […]

Basement Fire Safety Tips

Out of sight shouldn’t be out of mind, so keep your basement, its contents and your family safe from fire. Tiny escape windows, engineered wood beams, combustible clutter and other […]

Safe Gardening Tips: Injuries, Soils, Insect Repellent

Like the proverbial thorn rose, a backyard garden can bring both beauty and danger into your life. Learn how to enjoy and work in it safely, protecting yourself from accidents, […]

Domestic Violence: Should I Get a Restraining Order?

A possessive ex threatens you with physical violence. An obsessed acquaintance lurks behind your house every night. You can’t trust your live-in partner anymore. In these and any other abusive […]

Safe Winter Hiking and Camping

A nature hike or campout during the winter months can offer the entire family a thrilling experience. It gets you out of a stuffy house, avoids the summer tourist crush […]

How To Drive Through the Desert Safely

Planning to spend your vacation touring the deserts of the American West? Moving your household to a sunny town in red rock and cactus country? Driving on desert roads and […]

Spare Tires: What You Need To Know To Stay Safe

Stranded with a flat tire and no help available? Suddenly need that spare tire? Learn why you can’t rely on auto dealers to supply you with a spare, plus how […]

Are Your Tires Underinflated?

How often do you think about the air in your tires? If you allow your vehicle’s tires to lose too much air pressure, you could be in for a rough […]

How To Choose and Set Up a Safe Christmas Tree

Thinking about setting up this year’s huge, green tannenbaum to give your home some holiday cheer? Let’s run through these safety tips for buying a fresh Christmas tree, putting it […]

How to Manage a Family Trust

Congratulations — and my sympathies. If you are reading this, then you have probably just been appointed as a trustee. You may have asked for this position, been talked into it, or just fallen into it because nobody else wanted the job. Regardless, you are now responsible for the fortunes of people who are related to each another and have your phone number on speed-dial.

Creating Products in WooCommerce, Step by Step

You’ve just been handed a thankless job, listing a gazillion items for sale in your company’s WordPress shopping cart. Maybe I can help — following is a workflow that I put together some time back for my own purposes, managing the product catalog of a small aerospace manufacturer with whom I consult on marketing issues.

How to use MakeClothes from Makehuman in Blender

Read this step-by-step tutorial to create mesh clothing for your 3D animation character model in Blender, using the free Makeclothes app from MakeHuman.